Are you looking for something a little different for your family photos, senior pictures, baby or children’s portraits, wedding or engagement photos, events or other photography needs?  Vintage Designs Photography is here to help you!  Sit back and enjoy your session as we seek to showcase your unique style with “old fashioned” photos from black and white to sepia, from tinted to gorgeous, modern full color shots.

I once read “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” Time passes so quickly that we have to consciously choose to slow down and enjoy the “moments” or snap shots of our memories.  What place or time or family activity do you want to preserve for future generations?  It could be gardening or canning with your children…. Working on a project in your woodworking shop… Reading a story to your grandchild…. These are settings that wouldn’t normally be considered a photo momentsenior portrait gorgeous young ladysepia of dog and little girl, but in reality, they are.  So let me help you “think outside of the box.”  Together we will create a vintage memory or a very modern, vibrant picture of you today.  Together, let’s make a legacy (Webster definition of legacy: “Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor from the past”) for you and your loved ones today.


Oh, Sequoia!

It was a beautiful winter day to play in the snow with this little angel!  It could even be called, “magical”!

Making Memories

Making memories at a Thanksgiving “winter camp” with Dad!  Grandma and Grandpa got to stay in the house.  🙂


Oh, Zachariah, you are one loved little man! Welcome to the world!

Snow capped Crazy Mountains

I am so very blessed to have grown up with this right in my back yard!  I do believe that the Crazy Mountains just outside of Big Timber, MT are mystical in their beauty!